I provide nutrition counseling to high-performance athletes, active individuals and provide nutrition therapy to clients experiencing challenging relationships with food and their body image. 

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) and a Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics (CSSD)

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Quick fixes and eating patterns that feel restrictive


Nutrition that encompasses a food-first approach that’s backed-by science, balanced, satisfying and blends in with your lifestyle.

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Some were shared by parents, other dancers, teachers or what we read in magazines. While everyone meant well, many of these recommendations were not always the healthiest. “Don’t eat past 8pm”, “carbs are bad”, “make sure you can fit in your costume". These comments put mental pressure on us as dancers and as individuals (we were just kids at that time). So many friends, including myself, struggled with food choices and not being kind to our bodies. It took years to be able to love the body I was in, give my body what it needed, and truly understand that food is here to help and not hurt.

Additionally, I found the community of dancers surrounded by so many mixed nutrition messages.

It was also during this time where my interest in nutrition grew. I found it hard to perform without enough fuel but it was also challenging at times to understand what sources would best support my performance.

Growing up as a dancer, I understood early on how important nutrition was for long practice and rehearsal days.

During my first sports nutrition internship, I witnessed the differences in the performance and health status of athletes who were eating enough for training and recovery. I also noticed the impact of diet culture and how it can manifest into restrictive eating behaviors that significantly increase recurring injuries, negatively impact reproductive health and can lead to the diagnosis of eating disorders. Eating disorders are complicated and there is not just one diagnosis. Messages about how we “should look” or how we “should eat” can come from our immediate environment (friends, coaches, family, medical professionals, etc.), society (media, social media, professional influences). Unhealthy relationship with food can last a lifetime. During my time in college athletics, it was painful to see how restrictive eating patterns were impacting the health of the athletes I was working with. My passion to help and support active individuals struggling with nutrition and learning how to honor their individual needs, is what propelled me into this field. After my first sports nutrition role at UCLA Athletics, I made it my mission to do everything I could to help individuals adopt healthy relationships with food, body and movement. You only have one body. We work together on being able to respect your body and maintain its health.

In 2009, I began my graduate program in Family Consumer Sciences with an emphasis in nutrition and dietetics.
I threw out (almost) everything I thought I knew about nutrition.

We focus on nutritional strategies that replace society's obsession with dieting. 

My approach focuses on food as fuel. It is individualized to make sure recommendations meet with your level of activity, lifestyle and budget; all while honoring you and your body.

In my private practice, I consult with families, adolescent athletes, NCAA Division 1 student-athletes, olympic athletes and active individuals as a team or one-on-one basis. I provide education through online & in-person fitness programs and organizations. I also work as an eating disorder dietitian at UCLA Health Santa Monica. 

Through one-on-one and team counseling, I empower clients to make choices that are sustainable and backed by science.

Through one-on-one and team counseling, I empower clients to make choices that are sustainable and backed by science.

My previous nutrition roles included the Assistant Director of Performance Nutrition for UC Berkeley Athletics, Clinical Nutrition Coordinator and Sports Dietitian at UCLA Athletics, Sports Dietitian at California State University Long Beach Athletics and Clinical Dietitian 2 at Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach and Irvine. I completed my graduate degree at Cal State University, Northridge in Family and Consumer Sciences (Emphasis in Nutrition and Dietetics). I am a certified specialist in sport dietetics, and continue to stay up-to-date with nutritional research and enhance my own skills through supervision, conferences, specialized training to provide my patients with the utmost level of care in the field of athletics and eating disorders.

Languages Spoken: Fluent in English and Persian (Farsi)

I completed my undergraduate degree in Mass Communication Studies from UCLA. I have interned and worked for the Daily Bruin, KNTV- NBC-11 Bay Area.

I currently volunteer as a National Media Spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. I work with the media to help debunk nutrition myths and educate large audiences on evidenced-based nutrition practices. My nutritional guidance has been featured in Dance Magazine, Women’s Health, TIME, Prevention, SELF, GLAMOUR, SHAPE, U.S. News and World Report, and Harper’s Bazaar.

When not working, I love to dance, write, cook, hang out with my pup Jolie, and spend time at the beach! 

A little more about me, my first love was journalism.









Here to help you on your nutrition journey to find fulfillment in eating the foods you love and giving your body the energy it needs to show up your best in performance and life.